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Pet friendly artificial grass

Pet friendly artificial grass

Artificial grass is the perfect outdoor solution if you have pets in your home. No more muddy paws being walked back through the house, and no more digging!

Artificial grass is also durable, low maintenance and makes it easy to remove any pet waste!

Pet friendly artificial grass

What are the benefits of artificial grass?

Artificial grass has a whole host of benefits, which are great for families, especially families with pets!

  • No more mud! Your pets can run in and out of the garden, without the worry of having to clean their paws every time!
  • Your pet can enjoy going outdoors even when it has been raining. Our effective base layer allows liquid to drain away, leaving your garden bog and mud free!
  • Pet mess can be easily and safely removed from artificial grass lawns leaving a clean sanitary area

How to remove pet waste from artificial grass

It is so easy and simple to remove pet waste from artificial grass;

  • Pick the waste up using your preferred method (pooper scoop or poo bag)
  • Hose the area down with warm water (you can use  mild soap if you want)
  • Use a mild disinfectant to sanitise the area (especially if you have children)