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Artificial grass FAQs

If you’re considering purchasing artificial grass, check out our FAQs to answer any queries you may have. If you can’t find your answer don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Maintenance Questions

Although artificial grass is relatively low maintenance, there are some things that you will need to do to ensure your grass stays perfect for years to come…

To ensure your artificial grass remains in great condition, we recommend removing leaves and debris from your lawn with a stiff bristled brush at least once a month. This will prevent organic build up and keep your grass clean.

Brushing your grass at least once a month will also ensure the pile remains plush and bouncy

Absolutely! Artificial grass is flexible and when laid correctly, won’t ripple or get air pockets. It can be harder to measure the size of a slope for your grass, so be sure to ask a professional to help you to ensure you don’t buy too much or too little!

Nobody likes animal waste…especially in your garden! If you have pets, make sure you remove any mess as soon as possible (with a pooper scooper, or plastic bag) and then give the area a quick hose down, the drainage system will carry the remaining away in the water, leaving the area clean.

If it is a particularly…big…mess, you can always use a little warm soapy water to ensure a thorough clean.

General Questions

Artificial grass is versatile enough to be laid on just about any surface. It can be laid on soil, turf, concrete, tarmac and paving. It copes beautifully with sloping areas. It can even be laid on roof terraces and balconies!

Absolutely! Our artificial grass is suitable and safe for both children and pets.

Artificial grass stands the test of time against the extreme use that family life can put on turf, and will look amazing for years to come.

Artificial grass can be used in big and small areas. Some people like to use artificial grass for dog runs, as it is easy to clean and maintain, while other people completely refit their gardens with artificial grass. Whether you have a balcony, or a sprawling garden, artificial grass will look amazing!