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How to keep artificial grass clean

Maintaining your artificial lawn

At Artificial Grass & Turf solutions, it is our belief that the maintenance of your artificial lawn is just as important as when you first install it.


Professional grass cleaning

From our experience we recommend that you should have your lawn professionally cleaned at least once a year. We routinely book these appointments in during January and February to remove the mess, mud and debris that winter brings.

Not only will this extend the life of your lawn, it will also keep it in the best condition it can be, all year round.


Cleaning your artificial grass – DIY Tips

Some maintenance can be done by yourself at home to help extend the life of your artificial grass.

Removing leaves – To avoid leaves rotting down and causing discolouration, it is important to remove them, especially during the autumn months when trees are dropping their leaves. This can be done with a flexible lawn rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush.

Raising the pile – Over time your grass may begin laying flat in areas of high use. No need to panic as this is simple to fix! Simply brush the area with a stiff brush to bring the blades back up!

Removing pet waste – Artificial grass is pet friendly, and removing pet waste is simple. Simply use your preferred method of picking up animal waste (plastic bag or poop scoop) and hose down the area. If you wish you can add a mild detergent to give yourself extra peace of mind that the area is now clean and sanitised then you can!

How to clean artificial grass

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