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Child friendly artificial grass

Child friendly artificial grass

Artificial grass is durable and low maintenance making it perfect for a busy household. It will put up to the heavy duty use that children can put on things from constant use! Artificial grass is also simple to maintain and if properly looked after, can last you for years.

Child friendly artificial grass Bedford

Safe and clean

All of our artificial grass solutions are safe, containing no nasty surprises and use the best materials available meaning your baby can explore the garden in safety. We use no sharp fixings to secure your grass, giving you peace of mind when your children are bare foot outdoors.

Mess from children can be easily removed from artificial grass by simply hosing it down, ensuring a safe and sanitary place for your family to enjoy their time.

On top of this, our artificial grass is fully recyclable meaning it is good for the environment.

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Key Benefit of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has a whole host of benefits, which are great for families with children and pets!

  • No more mud! Your children can run in and out of the garden, without the worry of traipsing mud back in with them!
  • Your children can enjoy the outdoors, even if it has been raining. The base layer allows for the effective draining of liquid meaning the area doesn’t become boggy, or muddy!
  • Animal mess can be easily and safely removed from artificial grass lawns meaning the area remains clean for your children to play
  • No more unsightly bald patches where the children play football

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