Premium 25MM Artificial Grass

Price: £15.00 per sqm

Transform your garden with this brilliant value 25mm artificial grass! Perfect for transforming your outdoor space on a budget, UV resistant, pet friendly and green year round!

Total Height: 25mm
Pile Height: approx. 25mm (±10%)
Fibre: 100% PE monofilament with PP rootzone
Total Weight: 2000 gr/m² (±10%)
Pile Weight: 1150 gr/m² (±10%)

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price

 Long pile for a luxurious and natural feel that looks just like real grass

Permeable artificial grass | Bedford Bedfordshire Permeable backing allows rain water to soak through to the sub base 

UV resistant artificial grass Bedford UV resistant artificial grass that won’t fade in the sun 

Child friendly artificial grass | Bedford Bedfordshire Perfect for homes with children! 

Pet friendly artificial grass | Bedford Bedfordshire Pet friendly artificial grass that is easy to clean and stops digging! 

Yarn detex: 10.8000 Dtex / 16 ply
Primary backing : 100% PP with Fibre-lock fleece
Coating: SBR latex; approx 800 gr/m2
Water permeability: approx 60 liter / m2
Tuft gauge: 3/8′ gauge
Stitches per m1: 160
Stitches per m2: 16.800
Roll width: 2 metres or 4 metres
Roll length: target length approx 25 metres